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Prescription Pet Food at Northern Beaches Vet

We stock the Hills Veterinary Diet range of pet foods, which have been scientifically proven to benefit cats and dogs in the recovery and management of a wide range of medical conditions. These prescription pet foods are available to purchase in store or online.

  • Dental. These specially-formulated, complete diets can improve your dog or cat’s oral hygiene, and limit the development of dental plaque and tartar, fighting the dreaded “doggy” or “kitty” breath.
  • Weight control. There are a number of special dietary products available for dogs and cats that are a bit on the pudgy side. If you have a porky pet, ask us for a diet recommendation.
  • Mobility. These diets can actually help to manage the symptoms of arthritis in older pets.
  • Young pets. Puppies and kittens have special dietary requirements and should be fed different food compared to older pets. Similarly, pregnant and lactating cats and dogs also need to be supported by specifically formulated diets.
  • Skin support. A special diet to promote skin healing, reduce hair loss, and treat dermatitis and flea bite allergies could be just what your pet needs.
Northern Beaches Vet - Prescription Pet Food

If you’d like to know more about prescription food for your pet, get in touch with our team.

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