Medical Imaging at Northern Beaches Vet
Medical imaging helps us to look at what’s going on inside your pet without actually opening them up. Using medical imaging such as x-rays (also known as radiographs) and ultrasound, we can examine bones and soft tissue to diagnose conditions from fractures (broken bones) and bone cancer to pneumonia, intra-abdominal cancers and pregnancy.

Digital X-rays

Northern Beaches Veterinary Clinic’s state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine allows us to process and examine x-ray images of your pet quickly, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of many conditions. We also have a state-of-the-art dental x-ray, which allows us to take detailed images as part of our dental treatments. To allow us to get a clear and diagnostic image, we need your pet to be nice and still. Most animals just require sedation for this, but for longer or painful x-ray procedures (e.g. fractured bones) we may recommend a full general anaesthetic.


Ultrasound scanning uses high-frequency sound waves (that humans can’t hear) to generate images of internal structures. When the sound waves are pointed at the body, some waves are absorbed and some bounce back – the ones that bounce back are measured by the machine and transformed into an image for us to examine. Your pet’s fur may obstruct the ultrasound scan – so don’t be surprised if your pet comes home with a shaved tummy!

Northern Beaches Vet - Medical Imaging

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